Digital passport for Pharma industry – The Holistic Approach

Pharma and Healthcare are probably the most regulated domains in the world. They have boundaries and what they can do and how they can do it. After all, they are dealing with our health, our life. All research is done with one purpose: to make people’s lives better in the quest to extend them. But even though this is a very noble meaning to their professional life, everything is highly regulated in this domain.

Digitize or die

We are in the middle of a digital revolution which seems to have one of the biggest impacts in the mankind history. AI, social media, self-driving cars, cryptocurrencies, e-services are changing the way we do business, eat and sleep or governments interact with citizens. In this context digitization is no longer an option, but a MUST.

Paperless business – Semnatura electronica in cloud

Dropbox, iCloud sau Google drive au devenit parte din viata noastra de zi cu zi. Stocarea documentelor in platforme cloud-based ne-a adus printre altele mobilitate si viteze de reactie de neimaginat in urma cu doar cativa ani. Practic un smartphone sau o tableta este suficient pentru a-ti desfasura activitati curente de birou. In acest context, semnatura electronica nu putea ramane in urma.